How to Nurture Your Real Estate Leads With Content Marketing

By October 22, 2015 No Comments

Content marketing strategy is a must have for any real estate business today. Each real estate agent needs to develop a content marketing strategy across all channels of communication to interact with prospects, clients and the broader real estate community. However, one of the challenging parts of real estate business is converting leads to customers. With complex decision-making processes and long sales cycles, a well-executed and considered content marketing strategy will not only generate high sales leads, but also nurture them to become clients. Here are a few content marketing strategies you can use for real estate lead nurturing.

Awareness Stage

Remember, prospects and clients carryout research for a few weeks before they settle on a given real estate agent. At awareness stage, you should educate your leads by providing relevant resources and information to help them meet their unique needs.

A few things that work well for awareness stage include:

  • Relevant Blog. Prospects and clients do thorough investigations on their own and will only be interested in your service if you have strong personality and expertise. Your blog should offer a variety of resources: visual appealing and informative to help you stand out from other websites and agents.
  • Newsletter. Many prospects will sign up for your newsletter because it is low pressure and easy way to engage with you. Make sure your newsletter sign-form is simple and prominent on every page of your website.
  • Tips, lists and market guides. Always provide your leads with tips, lists, research, statistics and report about their current real estate financial and market conditions so that you build trust in your brand and expertise. However, it is important to insert your perspective to help your leads know how to interpret the information.
  • Social media posts. Encourage your leads to follow you on social media buttons and make sure that you regularly post informative and high quality contents.
  • Free resources. Whether it is an infographic, slide show, or downloadable eBook, visitors are always attracted to things that are offered for free. Do this to show your commitment and love.
  • Reviews. Even though, you may not send clients’ review directly to your leads, they definitely see them on your website. Develop a strong review base so that your prospects can see some good feedback on your services.

Consideration Stage

At this level, your leads know you exist, but still comparing what you offer: listings, services and expertise among others, with that of your competitors. Now, you should prove your worth by fulfilling their needs and answering questions consistently. At last, the prospects want to see that you care and better than your competitors.

  • Testimonials. Testimonials are very important for your real estate agency business because most prospects want an insight of what it will be like to work with you. Get some well written commentary about your services to enhance your brand, and it would be better if you can use photos and videos.
  • Landing pages. Landing page content is meant to induce an action with a strong call to action. This will help keep your leads encouraged and stay more on your website, thus clicking the call to action button.

Decision Stage

At this stage, your leads are more likely to take action because they know your services and trust your expertise. It is therefore important to make your lead comfortable and relaxed when making either buying or selling decisions: producing content that help them to complete the deal.

  • Provide education and decision guides
  • Create useful house selling and buying checklists
  • Post up-to-date listing and open house announcements
  • Initiate additional offers to push your leads.

Overall, develop high quality and relevant contents that can easily nurture new leads to be become your next real estate clients. To find more about our content marketing strategies that beat competition, please contact us today!