The Original, and only, Franchised Commission Advance company.

COMMISSION EXPRESS was founded in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 1992 by two highly experienced real estate brokers who, after managing offices and owning their own companies, recognized that agents and brokers needed a reliable solution to their cash flow problems. Their goal was to put their experience to work helping other real estate professionals build their businesses and achieve their dreams.

As Independent Contractors operating small independent businesses, the agents and brokers had marketable accounts receivable from earned but unsettled sales commissions. The founders conceived an idea to purchase the accounts receivable at a discount, a process known as factoring. They operated for five years developing the protocols, computer database, forms and reports that were the basis for the current COMMISSION EXPRESS real estate factoring system.

Why Commission Express?

Our customers include some of the nation’s leading agents and brokers who prefer our local reliable service, an easy application process and quick response. Our free 30 day Grace Period provides you with peace of mind should there be a delay in the projected settlement.

How do I apply for a commission advance?

After creating an account, you will be emailed a Username and Password that will enable you to log in and apply for a commission advance. Most of the documents we use are already in your file. We provide you with the others. You then submit the completed documents to us. Upon our review and approval, the advance will be provided to you. After settlement occurs, either the Settlement Agent or your Real Estate Company will pay COMMISSION EXPRESS redeeming the receivable.

What does this service cost?

COMMISSION EXPRESS will discount the commission based upon the number of days to projected settlement. The fee (Discount) is generally 6% to 16% on 15 to 90 day settlements but may vary among the independently owned and operated franchises.

What if the settlement is delayed?

COMMISSION EXPRESS provides a free 30 day Grace Period on all transactions. However, redemption must occur within the Grace Period or you will incur additional fees.

What do I do next?

Getting started with Commission Express is quick and easy. Create an account now and get your commission advance within 2 days or less (often the same day)!

Simple Workflow

With Commission Express, you can create an account and apply for a commission advance in less than 30 minutes. Applications processed in under two days, often the same day!

High Performance

Being the first commission advance company in the country has its benefits! Decades of industry experience are at your side when you choose Commission Express.