6 Tips on How Can You Grow Your Email List?

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Why Do You Want an Email List?

Given the speed with which social media has risen to prominence, it can be hard to remember that other online marketing tools can still have their uses. For example, an email list is still useful for informing potential clients about news of interest to them, which can produce a respectable boost in sales when paired with proper scrutinizing of the people on it.

Unfortunately, email addresses tend to have short useful lifespans. As a result, if you are interested in harnessing the full power of an email list, you need to collect more email addresses on a regular basis.

6 Tips for Growing Your Email List

Here are 6 tips that you can use to do exactly that:

  • Incentives are great for convincing people to sign up for email lists. Better still, persuasive incentives don’t have to be expensive so long as they are genuinely useful to your business’s client base. Something like the chance to enter a contest is perfect, both because it is low-cost and because it encourages people to sign up in spite of their natural reluctance by being a limited time offer.
  • You want your potential clients to share what they read as much as possible. To this end, you should make sharing as simple as it can be by including social sharing buttons and the like in your emails. Even if you can’t convince them to sign up for your email list, you might still be able to convince them to take a look at your real estate-related services.
  • Online marketing is most effective when its separate arms are combined to serve the same purpose. As a result, you should not hesitate to use your social media profiles for promoting your emails so that you can convince social media users to sign up. In fact, you should make the process as simple as possible by providing convenient links when they can see them.
  • If you have the time, you should not hesitate to use offline events to collect email addresses. For example, if you are holding an open house for one of your clients, use it as a chance to collect email addresses for following-up while building relationships. In short, the more ways that you have for collecting email addresses, the more that you can expect to collect.
  • Sometimes, you need to prune away some of the dead weight on your email list in order to grow its collection of email addresses. You can do this by sending an opt-in message, which will tell you who to keep on your list and who to remove. Although this can be seen as counter-productive, removing uninterested recipients increases the deliverability of your emails while also increasing the chance that they will share them with like-minded individuals.
  • Finally, you need to make sure that you send out a constant and consistent stream of good content if you want to keep a hold on the people filling out your email list. In the end, if you don’t have good content, all the tips and tricks in the world won’t make your email list useful. If you are stuck, just consider what you would like to read if you were one of your potential clients.

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