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Commission Express Talks About the Power of Testimonials in Real Estate

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Why Are Testimonials So Powerful?

Real estate transactions are expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, which make them particularly important to the parties involved in them. As a result, real estate clients want someone that they can trust to look out for their interests whenever and wherever they cannot.

Testimonials are always useful in marketing, but they are particularly powerful in real estate marketing because of this need for someone that can be trusted. This is because most people find a business’s marketing claims to be suspect because of the business’s interest in ensuring a successful sale, but those same claims come with much more persuasive force when spoken by someone with no stakes in the outcome. Better still, third parties can seem more relatable than real estate professionals, particularly when they share the same needs and circumstances as the potential clients being marketed to.

For real estate professionals, this means that the right testimonials can provide them with a significant boost to both the efficacy and the efficiency of their marketing, though it should be noted that the true challenge lies in getting those testimonials.

How Can You Get More Testimonials?

If you are interested in harnessing the power of testimonials for your real estate business, you should remember these practices:

  • First and foremost, good service is the single most important factor for getting good testimonials. After all, your clients aren’t going to speak well of you if they feel like they haven’t gotten fair value for their money. As a result, by making sure that your clients are 100% satisfied with your services, you maximize your chances of making a good impression as well as your chances of convincing your clients to express that good impression in text.
  • Second, most people aren’t going to volunteer their testimonials, meaning that you need to be prepared to ask if you want good testimonials for your real estate business. Please note that you need to strike a careful balance when you are asking for testimonials. If you are too aggressive, you run the risk of alienating the people that you are reliant upon for their testimonials. In contrast, if you are too passive, you run the risk that their interest in providing their testimonials will lose out to their other priorities. Summed up, you need to be firm but polite when asking for testimonials, send reminders, and learn to tell when a client just isn’t going to give you their testimonial.
  • Third, you should make the process of giving a testimonial as convenient as it can be because the less the imposition, the better the chances that you will get your testimonial. For example, if you think that your clients will have problems describing their feelings about your real estate business, consider writing a few words for use as a prompt. Similarly, ask for shorter testimonials, which should take up less time and effort.
  • Finally, make sure to send a thank-you note once you receive your testimonial. This serves as a visible reminder of your gratitude, which should cement the positive impression that you have managed to make.

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