Commission Express Asks: Can Direct Mail Still Be Useful in Building A Real Estate Business?

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Can Direct Mail Still Be Useful?

Although online marketing is becoming more and more dominant with the rise of mobile devices, it is important to remember that other marketing methods still have their uses under the right circumstances. For example, if you are interested in a more substantial way to reach your potential clients, you should give some serious thought to running a direct mail campaign.

How Can Direct Mail Still Be Useful?

Of course, running a successful direct mail campaign is much easier said than done, which is why you should make sure of these direct mail marketing tips:

  • You need a good design for your marketing materials, which is why you should consult a professional designer rather than handle the design process on your own. In part, this is important because anything resembling junk mail will probably be tossed out without so much as a single glance. However, it is worth mentioning that a professional designer can also help you fit your core message onto your marketing materials without ruining their overall effect, which can be an important consideration because of their size and space limitations.
  • Make sure to send your direct mail to people who might be interested in your real estate services. For example, if you specialize in selling residential properties to people with new families, you probably shouldn’t be bombarding a neighborhood filled with college students with your pamphlets. By building your own mail list through the use of websites as well as open house guest books, you can pre-select your direct mail recipients for maximum receptiveness while also collecting useful contact information for other marketing campaigns.
  • Always take an active role in managing your mailing list. For example, if your marketing materials are being returned because of a bad address, remove that bad address from your mailing list as soon as possible because it is costing you valuable time as well as valuable money. Similarly, if someone asks you to take them off of your mailing list, do so right away because sending them direct mail in spite of their expressed wishes is just asking for a bad reputation. Never mind how alienating potential clients is not going to turn them into paying clients.
  • Repeated mailings to the same recipients tend to be more effective than sending direct mail to different recipients all the time. However, it is important not to overdo it because that can make your marketing materials seem like junk mail. Instead, send your direct mail on a monthly basis, which will serve to keep your real estate business fresh in the minds of your potential clients without burying them under a pile of marketing materials.
  • A distinct style is an incredible boon in business, which is why you need to make sure that your marketing materials are always recognizably yours along with the rest of your online and offline marketing. This way, you make your presence in the minds of your potential clients that much stronger while also giving your image a comfortable sense of consistency, which can be surprising useful in selling your real estate services.

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