Clients are important for a successful real estate career, and success depends on using multiple techniques to showcase your expertise in order to get clients. The real estate industry is ever-competitive, and while modern realtors have exposure to new tools and techniques for their job, they still need to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their professionalism in the digital sphere. In order to come out ahead, it’s essential to keep up with consumer demands, as well as the latest technology and marketing trends. Here are the 7 easiest and most effective ways to show your expertise as a realtor online.

1. Create Real Estate Videos

One of the easiest and most effective ways to show your expertise as a realtor is to create videos and share them online. Videos usually enhance every stage of the buying process in real estate. Property listings that include videos usually attract more clients than those that don’t. Ensure that the videos are done professionally in order to attract prospective buyers by highlighting their most impressive features.

2. Create a Professional Website

If you really want to show your expertise and let people take you seriously, you need a professional website that reflects well on your abilities and boosts your reputation. An intuitive website also showcases your services and attracts clients, providing ongoing support so that your online storefront can remain resilient for many years to come. You can use your site to showcase your achievements and provide property details to visitors.

3. Create Meaningful Content Online

The kind of blog posts that you write and share online can tell a lot about your expertise. Creating informative content demonstrates your expertise and adds credibility to your profile. The more helpful content you share, the more people will want to work with you.  Create and share professional and helpful content that shows your expertise in the industry.

4. Use Drone Photography

You can use a drone to take sweeping shots of the home exteriors and surrounding landscape. Use the photos to add an excitement factor to your listings. You can then supplement the professional photos shared online with videos for your virtual tours or walkthroughs.

5. Co-host Webinars

Co-hosting webinars is an easy yet effective way of demonstrating your expertise. You can partner with a local lender, title company, or even your favorite staging service and host a webinar on a topic that will interest those thinking of making a real estate move. For instance, think about a topic like “top five most valuable improvements sellers can make to their homes to boost sales prices”.

6. Answer Buyer/ Seller Questions

An effective way to demonstrate your experience and expertise is to answer buyer and seller questions. Look for questions that people are asking in regard to real estate and answer them in the most professional way. Give precise and clear answers that stand out from the crowd. Make the answers as easy to understand as possible. Answering buyers’ and sellers’ questions positions you as an expert and go-to realtor.

7. Make Virtual Tours of Listings

According to a study conducted by, listings that usually offer virtual tours receive 87 percent more views than properties that don’t. Creating virtual tours shows that you’re up-to-date with the current real estate trends, and therefore an expert in your field. There are numerous online software tools that can help you create professional-looking tours that will position you as an industry expert and attract potential customers with your well-organized listings.

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