Working as a Real Estate agent can be a challenge. With the fluctuating payments and the fact that you may have to wait for your commission payments once you sell, taking control of your finances is a necessity. Commission advance companies can be a great way to do this since they get you money when you really need it.

Choosing a company that will serve you well can be the difference between expanding your real estate business or stagnating. With all that at stake, here are qualities that you should look for when selecting a commission advance company.

1.  Reliable Payment System

When you need cash, getting it in the shortest time possible is paramount. A good commission advance company should be able to get your advance payment approved and paid to you in the shortest time possible.

After all, you are partnering with them so that you don’t have to wait for the payment in the first place. If the commission advance company you are considering can’t live up to their promises, take it off your list immediately.

2.  Real Estate Experience

Dealing with people and companies that have experience in your field is a lot easier. The real estate industry is quite unique in its own way, and dealing with a company that knows these unique challenges is ideal. An understanding of your industry not only lets the advance company sympathize with you but also gets them to help you get solutions when you are going through industry-specific problems.

In your search for a reliable commission advance company to work with, you should get to know of the experiences in and in dealing with other companies in your field. Demonstrating a lack of or little real estate experience by the prospective company should get them an automatic disqualification.

3.  Online Application and Payment

Application and payment for the advance payment can be tedious and sometimes not worth it. The process and the mode of payment should be easy and straight-forward, making sure that you get your money as soon as possible. There are innovative developments in automation and online payments, so commission advance companies have no excuse being stuck in the old ways of tedious applications and in-person payments.

The company you settle on should be able to offer you a fast and simple online application process and an online payment mode. This ensures that you get your advance paid from anywhere and with minimal fuss.

If they can’t offer you this, the process of application and payment may be stressful, sometimes making you spend a lot to get it.

4.  Localized Service

Sometimes local problems are best understood by the locals. Dealing with a company with offices within your area of operation, even with the advances in communication technology, can be very beneficial to you.

In your selection of Commission Advance companies, you should bear in mind that a company near you will be able to serve you better than one that is miles away. Choose a company with an office within driving distance of your area of operation to make it easy for personal interactions.

Choose Commission Express for your Commission Advance needs

Commission Express is a reliable Commission Advance company dedicated to serving your needs.

We offer;

  • Local Service through our offices in most major cities across the US.
  • A fast and simple application process that will let you get your commission from anywhere.
  • Same Day Funding that can get your commission payment approved in as little as 24 hours.
  • Reliable Cash Flow, so you stop guessing when you will get paid.
  • A 30 day grace period on all advances so that you focus on your next sale, not payment.

We take the stress away from having to wait for your next commission check. Apply for your Commission Advance today!

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