How Can Real Estate Agents Get Reviews and Recommendations?

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Why Are Reviews and Recommendations So Important?

More and more people are using the Internet to research their purchases before making them. Furthermore, that number is expected to rise for the foreseeable future, not least because the increasing use of mobile devices is making online research more and more convenient.

For real estate agents, this is important because it provides them with powerful tools in the form of reviews and recommendations. The first are useful because consumers tend to listen more to the opinions of other consumers than the claims of businesses seeking to sell their products and services. Likewise, the second are even more useful because consumers are even more inclined to listen to their loved ones than complete and utter strangers.

Tips that Real Estate Agents Can Use to Get Reviews and Recommendations

Real estate agents cannot count on their clients to post reviews and recommendations on their own initiative. Instead, they should use these tips to maximize their numbers of both:

  • The simplest and most straightforward method for getting more reviews and recommendations is to ask. This is particularly important because consumers tend to be more willing to move on their own initiatives when their experiences were bad, meaning that real estate agents have to be proactive if they want good reviews and recommendations. In some cases, their clients might not realize how important reviews and recommendations can be to real estate agents, which is something that can be corrected with a simple request.
  • On a related note, real estate agents should not hesitate to send reminders to clients who promise to review and recommend but fail to follow through. This is because some people can be forgetful about such matters, meaning that a reminder can be exactly what is needed to get reviews and recommendations out of them. However, real estate agents should know when to relent because getting on their clients’ bad side is counter-productive to their original aims.
  • Real estate agents should make it convenient for their clients to either review or recommend them. For example, a lot of real estate agents have links to their review profiles on their websites, posted somewhere unmissable but not in so blatant a manner that it becomes obnoxious. Similarly, a lot of real estate agents have review profiles on multiple review websites so that their clients can review and recommend them using the website of their choice.
  • Buying reviews and recommendations is both unethical and unproductive. However, real estate agents can provide incentives to encourage their clients to provide their honest opinions. The best part is that said incentives do not have to be expensive. Even something as simple as being entered into a small contest can serve as ample demonstration of the real estate agent’s gratitude.
  • Finally, the simplest and most straightforward method for getting more reviews and recommendations is to provide outstanding service. Without this crucial component, all the incentives in the world cannot convince clients to speak well of their real estate agents. Worse, bad service is likely to lead to real estate agents being buried beneath a deluge of scornful opinions.

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