When you’re chasing your next commission advance, is holiday home marketing the first step towards prosperity or a guarantee that your bottom line will be left out in the cold?

There are several pros and cons to be considered, and we’ve got a peek at the most important.

PRO: There may be less competition

There are plenty of homeowners pondering whether or not to take their home off the market over the holidays, and more than a few will give into the lure of a few stress-free winter months. That dip in inventory may well work to your advantage, giving you fewer properties to compete against and heightening the likelihood that your open house might get the attention it deserves.

CON: Winter has a tendency to wreak havoc

A glistening blanket of newly fallen snow can give a sprawling front yard a magical look. Track a few dozen footprints over the sidewalk and add in a few snow-spraying passes of the road plows and that magic disappears faster than Cinderella’s enchanted ensemble at the stroke of midnight. Stormy weather can put a damper (or completely wash out) an open house, destroy curb appeal and turn a home’s foyer into a veritable mud pit, all of which inspires even expert-level agents a reason to second guess holiday home marketing.

PRO: Mistletoe + Yummy Kitchen Smells = Lots of Emotion

You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in a new property. That’s a lot easier to accomplish when the home itself is welcoming and well decorated, and holiday décor helps on both accounts. Beautifully trimmed Christmas trees, a few wall diffusers wafting out the aromas of pumpkin or fresh pine, a fire crackling away in the hearth — all of these things stoke nostalgia and make a home seem endlessly enticing.

CON: Sellers are firmly ensconced in cheery piles of holiday mess

The same abundance of holiday spirit that make decorated homes seem extra warm can also make them seem extra chaotic, and that’s not a feeling buyers always appreciate. From tinsel caught up in carpet fibers to a pile of half-wrapped presents stuffed into the guest room, some clutter isn’t easy to hide when a last-minute showing is suddenly announced. And let’s not even get into the hassle of an open house when clients are knee deep in a full week of Thanksgiving prep.

PRO: Holiday buyers are seriously motivated

No one adds home shopping to their holiday to-do list unless they’re truly prepared to buy. After all, we have enough on our plates (literally) without searching for a new nest in between turkey brining and stocking stuffing. Between end-of-the-year relocations, families looking to change school districts before winter break is over, and people who find their leases ending or homes selling at a less-than-opportune time, the holidays may just have to play second fiddle to a few showings.

PRO: Your professional tenacity could lead to a bigger commission advance

When other agents are shutting off their cell phones to go ice skating, take in a Christmas pageant or pick up a sequin-covered New Years outfit, you’re taking extra meetings and closing deals. Sure, finding the right balance between your work and your personal life is important, but if you’re hoping to score an extra listing advance or two, the holidays might be the perfect time to do it.

For agents looking to boost their commission advance, there are three possible routes: a higher price per home, selling more homes overall or combining the two approaches. While marketing homes over the holidays may come with a few potential cons, there are plenty of benefits that make mixing jingle bells and property appraisals a stellar idea.