It’s common wisdom these days that social media is one of the best ways to energize your client engagement and develop new leads. Knowing this, however, is a different proposition than knowing exactly how to go about it, and for more than a few people, the whole topic can get overwhelming quickly. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be. The best social media strategies avoid becoming time sinks and don’t require you to be a rocket scientist. Whether you need to get an existing account up to speed or get a new one started, here are a few handy tips.

1. Learn Your Way Around Multiple Platforms and Leverage Them

Make sure you’re familiar with the basic business features of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, InstaGram and Facebook. Having a dispersed social media footprint increases your chances of connecting with relevant groups and individuals and building a broad-based network. Take a little time up front to familiarize yourself with the best ways to leverage a particular site. Understanding the marketing best practices on LinkedIn can be particularly important, but for any social media tools, it takes only a little research to discover ways to build audience and engagement beyond the most basic functions.

2. When You Celebrate a Closing, Share Your Story

Of course it’s great to make people on social media aware that you’re closing deals. Pictures with happy clients in front of their new home, for example, are frequent social media material for Realtors. To make your content stand out, though, you need to connect it to a story: How did you close that deal or get that new listing? How did you meet the client — were they referred? Are there any interesting or engaging anecdotes you can share from the deal? These are the kinds of details that can pique your network’s interest, get them more engaged and lead to more listings.

3. Post Images and Events From Your Neighborhood

Showcasing your passion and involvement with your local community is crucial. A great way to do this is through pictures and stories that feature the best of a neighborhood where you have a listing, along with informed commentary about the area’s lifestyle advantages and amenities. You can go further by flaunting what’s great about your city’s culture, telling your network about neighborhood events and inviting your fans to join you, and inviting questions and discussions to spark and intensify follower involvement. Assurance of your connection to where you live bolsters confidence that you can deliver as a Realtor.

Social media’s importance as a marketing tool grows more apparent every quarter. With these fundamentals working in your favor, you’ll be well positioned to maximize its benefits for your business — not to mention your next commission advance from Commission Express— in the year to come.