In real estate, business is sort of cyclical.  You make connections, those connections turn into sales, successful sales beget new connections, and somewhere along the way you build up a successful repertoire.  Along the way Commission Express will be there to provide you with a faster commission should you need it!  Of course, all of that hinges on actually make those essential connections, and that means it’s time to get networking.

Here’s how you can starting branching out:

Invest in Digital Marketing

With the advent of the internet, everyone’s real estate territory has turned into a boundary-free zone that expands as far as the World Wide Web can reach.  People are constantly relocating, so your next customer could come from anywhere.  Connect with potential clients both near and far via a professionally created website and well-maintained social media presence.  The other must-have?  A blog that’s regularly updated with relevant, interesting information.

Keep Up With Continuing Education

You probably already attend or at least know about real estate conventions and conferences, but have you thought about expanding your target market to include events that welcome professionals from parallel industries?  Those seminars, symposiums and workshops could be a stellar opportunity to meet marketing pros, developers, staging experts, influencers and even other brokers and agents who may cover neighboring territories or a different sector.  Turn those meet-and-greets into partnerships and you may just see your listings soar.  When that happens, Commission Express will be there to support your needs if you need your commission sooner than your closing will provide!

Participate in Community Events

How can you raise your own profile, give back to your city and take a break from the daily grind all at the same time?  Volunteer!  It doesn’t really matter whether you’re organizing holiday boxes at the local food pantry, sponsoring a Little League team, or volunteering your time to help someone in need — the mere act of getting out there and lending a hand show’s your potential (and current) clients that you care about the community which will create positive word of mouth (WOM) and will provide your brand with a positive image.  Who knows, maybe someday, the people you help will remember you and use you for their next real estate transaction!

Focus on the Relationship, Not the Commission

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but bear with us.  If want to make more money, stop focusing on the money.  Yep, you read that correctly.  When you’re motivated by profit, it’s far too easy to forget the human factor, and that’s a recipe for stalled/lost transactions.  Lest you end up with a bunch of buyers with wandering eyes, learn to foster loyalty by nurturing relationships instead of taking them for granted.

  • Ask clients questions, and listen to their answers with sincerity to show you care. Hold client events that show appreciation for past and future business
  • Give out valuable extras that don’t actually cost you much, such as a neighborhood guide or a list of trusted contractors so new homeowners can take care of painting, landscaping and plumbing problems without worry
  • Give before you get — it builds trust and prevents you from seeming selfish
  • Be more concerned about the quality of your network rather than the quantity

Follow Up After the Sale

Before you transfer past clients to the “out of sight, out of mind” part of your mental filing cabinet, consider putting them on a check-in schedule.  A periodic “hello,” an email making sure the move went well, an update on new services you’re offering — it all helps keep you on the top of the referral list so your name comes up should any extended family or friends find themselves in need of a little real estate assistance.

The bottom line, As you pursue your next sale and the commission you hope will follow, remember, never lose sight of the people factor and that Commission Express will be there for you should you need your commission fast!