Real estate TV shows are so much fun to watch because they give you a glimpse into others’ lives and allow you to dream. For some potential homebuyers, these shows are a tool that teach them about house hunting and what to be aware of when finding their dream home. Thanks to their popularity, there are many home-oriented shows on the market, but some stand out among the crowd as fan favorites. Whether you are looking for something entertaining to watch or want some insight into the home buying process, these are some of the more popular real estate TV shows past and present and what they can teach you about the biggest purchase of most people’s lives.

House Hunters

House Hunters is probably the most famous real estate TV show worldwide with original and international editions. The show has been running for 23 years and is still going strong in pop culture, with memes often poking fun at some buyers’ high budgets and unconventional professions. Episodes follow potential homeowners as they shop for houses and compare three options before ultimately settling on one.

What House Hunters Teaches Us: Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, but there is a home out there for everyone.

Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines have managed to turn their home remodeling show into an entire empire in record time.  In their flagship show, Fixer Upper, the two renovate and redecorate homes that need a fresh look. The show is popular because of the couple’s eye for design and their relationship and personalities.

What Fixer Upper Teaches Us: This is an excellent show for inspiration if you are looking to buy a fixer-upper of your own to live in or rent.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

This Netflix show isn’t about buying and selling as much as it is about architecture and building. Netflix traverses the globe showcasing some of the most beautiful, innovative, and off-the-wall homes that this world has to offer.

What The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes Teaches Us: Potential home buyers will be in awe of what can be done with a home and may come away with a few ideas of their own for their future house.

Flip or Flop

Another show famous for reasons beyond the homes themselves is Flip or Flop. The show is hosted by Tarek El Moussa and his now ex-wife Christina Anstead as they buy houses to fix up and flip for a profit. The show is in the same vein as Fixer Upper, except Tarek and Christina are trying to make renovations as inexpensive as possible to maximize the profit on their investment. Once the house is ready, the couple walks through the process of listing it on the market.

What Flip or Flop Teaches Us: This show is fantastic for homeowners looking to do some projects before selling their home, but it is also a great study tool for real estate investors or agents to understand the process of flipping a home.

Designed to Sell

As the name implies, this show is all about the design elements – those finishing touches before you place the house on the market. Designed to Sell shows home sellers how to make the house irresistible with a budget under $2,000.

What Designed to Sell Teaches Us: Again, this is a show that is just as much for real estate agents and investors as it is for the home buyer. It shows how you can do a lot with a little and that the extra money spent on sprucing up your design pays off in getting your asking price and selling quickly.

So Many Shows

There are so many outstanding real estate shows out there that it is hard to whittle it down to just a few. It is a popular genre because even if we are not in the market for a new home, it allows us to dream and possibly come up with a few ideas for our current living space. There is a lot to learn from these shows, but it is just fun, family-friendly entertainment that never gets old, even if you don’t learn anything.

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