Great Apps for Real Estate Agents: Keeping up with the Technology while Helping Customers Close Faster

By June 13, 2015 No Comments

Technology is constantly changing and every industry is affected by the changes, including real estate. One way real estate agents are leveraging the power of technology is to use mobile apps to increase what they can do for their clients.

In an age when having information yesterday is the preferred method of getting information to client, it’s good for realtors to have a number of tools they can pull from to help their clients.

Here are 5 apps we found that will help empower realtors to do their jobs more efficiently and put the power of mobile in their hands:

Storehouse– This app is available on iTunes (Apple/iOS) and allows the user to use visual storytelling in a mobile application. This can come in quite handy with clients you hope to convert to buyers, by showcasing prospective houses in the application that you can show to clients “on the go.” Also, if you have clients wanting to sell, they can upload their photos of their homes and create a slideshow from that using this app.

3D Showcase– This app allows you to show off properties “up close and personal” with dynamic 3D views of properties. It has a 360 degree rotation capability feature that scans the room to show the details of a property. The close-up view entices buyers to buy more by seeing how it would look in real life without having to be there in person.

Balcony– The Balcony app is a great app for real estate agents. It combines real-time communication capabilities with other agents with profile features that allow you to show off your portfolio of work to potential clients. You can make referrals across different geographical locations. This helps when you have a customer who will be moving to another area in helping them connect with other real estate agents in their area.

NuOffer– This handy app cuts through the red tape and paperwork by doing most of it for you. It can create a deal complete with the proper forms and legal paperwork, all which can be signed digitally in a fraction of the time required for traditional forms.

Homesnap Pro– This real estate-based app does a lot more than take pictures of houses. It allows you to view any listing within the past 2 years, do a side-to-side market analysis of prices and valuation of homes, and email results to your potential buyers, all in a matter of minutes. This app keeps you on the cutting edge of the real estate market and lets you schedule showings in a moment’s notice, and even puts a timer on properties if time is running out on the sale.

These 5 apps are great tools that can arm you as a realtor with some of the best new tools for real estate agents. Customers want it fast thse days. These apps allow them (and you) to connect, share, report, and close deals and listings in record time, all from a mobile device. Customers will appreciate you staying up with the latest technologies, and they’ll especially appreciate the time you will save them in getting in the house of their dreams, or selling their old home so they can buy a new one. Keeping this going creates a win-win situation for everyone!