Warm summer weather inevitably brings three things: bathing suits, sunburns and homebuyers. For homeowners looking to unload their properties at top-tier prices, battling the competition for eyes and offers can be both frustrating and daunting. What can you and your clients do to stand out and command top dollar? We’ve got some ideas that will help agents and sellers alike spin summer into some impressive sales.

1. Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

While winter’s snow-covered driveways and muddy lawns give potential buyers pause, summer casts the exteriors of homes in a particularly flattering light. A few window boxes here and there and professionally manicured landscaping welcome shoppers and make them think positive thoughts before they even cross the home’s threshold. The same goes for peeling paint or a deteriorating screen door. Take the time to do (or have someone else tackle) minor repairs, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Are there outdoor living spaces on the premises? Don’t let them go to waste. Stage the deck or built-in grill like you’re preparing for party guests to give buyers a glimpse into what the future could look like if they sign on the dotted line. Pools can also be a big selling point — or a gigantic downer. No one wants to be reminded of the maintenance that comes along with an in-ground pool, so play up the positives by clearing any debris and adding a few pool toys to the newly crystal-clear water.

2. Beat the Heat and Boost Your Eventual Listing Advance

What feels more glorious than stepping out of triple-digit heat into the blissfully cool air of an air-conditioned home? Put utility costs aside for the day and give buyers some sweet relief by dropping your thermostat a few digits. Iced refreshments like lemonade and fruit-infused water can also go a long way toward fostering a friendly rapport, especially if you offer chilled bottles of water buyers can take on their way out.

3. Let the Inside Reflect the Season

It’s amazing what a little strategic interior design can accomplish. A home that’s decked out in dark wood furniture and light-blocking curtains won’t show well in the summertime. The last thing people are looking for when it’s horribly hot is more weight, even if it’s just decor. On the other hand, nautical or floral touches and gauzy curtains that allow sunlight to stream through help buyers feel comfortable. They’re yearning for a vacation or thinking about how much they’d love a kitchen with a fresh look and feel, and you’ve just evoked their dream scenario in spades.

4. Price Your Home Right and Make Your Commission Advance Count

You’re not the only person who knows how exciting it is to sell real estate in the summer. Buyers may be out in droves, but they’re also more educated than ever and your home is far from the only one on offer. Setting the price too high in hopes of having more room for negotiation could backfire, leaving your property on the MLS well into fall or even winter. Prepping for your open house is important, but pricing properly is absolutely essential.

Are you an agent looking for a listing advance? Summer is known as the peak season in the real estate world (June alone boasts numbers some 29 percent above the nation’s annual average), but having to wait for much-needed commissions can put a damper on all your warm-weather success. Take advantage of the tips above to churn through your portfolio, and then convert your commission to cash using the highly rated services of Commission Express. It’s a win-win all around. Summer has never felt better!