Think quickly – how are you harnessing the power of online marketing to advance your business and ratchet up your closings? Get serious about expanding your client list and your overall visibility with these seven down-and-dirty online marketing ideas.

Go to Video

Here are a few quick facts:

  • A whopping 82 percent of people on Twitter watch videos posted on the platform.
  • People watch a collective 500 million hours of video on YouTube every day.
  • A full 87 percent of online marketers are already incorporating video content into their strategies.

Basically, you need to be posting videos if you want to stay competitive. What should you post? Try walkthroughs of your latest open house, a behind-the-scenes shot of you staging a property, a how-to on a home DIY project — whatever content might appeal to your target audience is fair game.

Respond to Reviews

This is called reputation management, and it’s important. Whether people are giving you positive shout-outs on Yelp or complaining about a subpar showing, this is your time to acknowledge the feedback and show you care. That kind of interaction goes a very long way towards proving your trustworthiness and authority.

Write a Book 

An ebook, that is. Stick to a relatively short work (think more of a quick read than War & Peace) that talks about how to buy or sell a home, how to break into the real estate industry, where to eat and drink in your city or something equally interesting. Set up a landing page with seamlessly incorporated SEO and watch the leads come to you.

Interact with Industry Influencers

If you want to gain followers on social media but aren’t sure where to start, try responding to threads and commenting on posts started by key industry influencers who already have killer followings. By showcasing your knowledge in a slick, unobtrusive way (no trying to show up your elders, and definitely don’t be cocky or pretentious), you may soon gain attention and a bigger audience of your own.

Set Up a Facebook Group

Launch a Facebook group dedicated to concerns in your area. The topic could be investment opportunities, Q&A for buyers and sellers or community postings. It doesn’t even have to be real estate focused, though that helps. The idea is to gather people who may need your services in the future and deliver value now. You’ll get your name out and prove your dedication so that when it is time for them to buy or sell, you’re already top of mind.

Make Your Facebook Profile Pic a Video

Mark Zuckerberg’s innovative minions are always coming up with cool new ideas, and one of the newest is the ability to change your profile pic to a brief video clip. That short moving pic is eye-catching, and it sets you apart as someone who’s willing to experiment and take a chance. To a lot of people, that’s more attractive than a stuffy, traditional agent who might not be as hungry.

Build a Fascinating Email Campaign

Don’t listen to the hype — email is definitely not dead, at least not if you’re using it right. Instead of a stale, template newsletter, design an email campaign that tells your brand story and highlights what that story means for your audience. Make it consumer-focused but with your own personal flair and you’ve just established a big part of your sales funnel.

Growing your listings and increasing your closings is a neverending endeavor, but adopt some smart online marketing tactics and that on-demand paycheck may be here sooner than you think.