Bill Gates attributes at least some of his success to the fact that he reads 50 books a year, but you don’t need to whip through a hardcover per week to benefit. Follow the advice in these five gems and watch your client list grow.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, Jay Papasan

While some books concentrate on data-driven strategies or psychology of selling, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent wraps it all up in one comprehensive handbook that aims to help agents establish a solid foundation on their way to wins and riches. The authors have crowdsourced a plethora of information, and it’s all applicable to new and experienced agents alike. Plan out your very first business or scale up. This is your roadmap — all you have to do is read it and drive.

7L: The Seven Levels of Communication – Michael J. Maher

Some agents spend the vast majority of their day trying to get new clients in the door or on the phone, but that’s exhausting and ineffective. Maher’s book is the tale of a man named Rick Masters who ditched ads and promotional gambits in favor of meaningful connections and referrals. You’ll learn how to communicate in an authentic, engaging way, building personal relationships and a steady stream of referrals in the process.

The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide – Kevin Ward

Calling all introverted agents and brokers who are phone-phobic: You’re not alone! If you freeze up on client meet-and-greets and stumble over your pitch no matter how hard you practice, Ward’s catalog of expertly choreographed conversations could be your key to breaking out of your self-imposed box and conquering your sales plateau. Even if you think you’re the smoothest talker this side of the Mississippi,The Book of YES can help you tweak your sales speak, boost your confidence and make every conversation exponentially more effective.

The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent: How to Dominate Your Real Estate Market in Under a Year – Daniel James Lesniak with Keri Shull

New real estate agents sell less than four homes a year, and the average experienced agent only sells 12. If you want to get rich moving properties, you have to find your way to the top 10 percent of agents who rake in an excess of $100,000 annually, and Lesniak wants to help you do just that. How? It’s all down to his STP method: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. This uber-agent sold a jaw-dropping $22 million in his very first year in the industry, so if anyone can coach others on how to dominate even the most competitive markets, this is probably the guy.

The Digital Real Estate Agent: Building the Brand of You – Blaise Dietz & Michael Mannino II With Pat Hiban

Dietz and Mannino are digital marketing gurus. Their angle? Helping real estate professionals automate their online marketing, generate high-value content and cultivate leads using all the resources modern-day tech has to offer. You’ll learn the what, the why and the how, including an entire chapter on targeting buyers on Facebook (a platform with more than 1 billion daily active users and a yearly ad revenue of nearly $40 billion) and actionable tips that agents can put to immediate use.

Reading Your Way to the Top

Running your own business is time-consuming, but find a few minutes in your day to read — download copies to your tablet or stream a book on tape while you’re driving — and you may discover that you have what it takes to soar.