Sometimes as a realtor, it’s easy to quickly move from one client to the next, leaving old cases in the past. After all, it’s not very often that a customer will be in the market for another home, right after you’ve sold them one. But did you know that on average realtors get around 30% of their business from repeat clients or referrals?

Of course, this can seem easier said than done. You may already have a lot of work on your plate, but the word-of-mouth promotion you’ll gain as a result of your efforts is 100% worth the investment. And with these three tricks, strengthening client relationships can be easy and fun!

Get to Know Every Client

Whether you’re helping a client to buy or sell, it’s worth getting to know them… really getting to know them. It’s not just about being aware of their asking price or how many bathrooms they want. Get into the details of their future. What did this house mean to them? What do they want their life to look like in their next home?

Personal details can lead to more memorable conversations and more interesting tours of potential new homes. You’ll be able to highlight more small, appealing aspects of houses if you know exactly what they’re looking for. Think:

“These hardwood floors will make cleaning up after a new puppy easy!” 

“Your kids will love this spacious backyard.” 

Building up a friendly rapport will also serve to ease clients’ nerves and make the buying or selling process more fun. If you’re willing to really talk to them, they’ll be ready to talk about you.

Make Meetings Count

Meeting with a real estate agent can be incredibly stressful for clients. They’re worried about the money, the timeline, and all of that paperwork. It is critical to keep that fact in mind when scheduling times to meet and plan. Not every interaction has to happen huddled at a kitchen table, surrounded by legal documents!

Offer to treat your clients to dinner, and transform those harried gatherings into something to look forward to. More formal, fun meet-ups are a helpful reminder that buying or selling a home is an exciting life step and something to be celebrated!

Dinner may not work for every client, however. The “perfect” meeting will look different for everyone! Your top priority when planning should be accommodating the schedules and comfort levels of your clients. Familiarizing yourself with the latest digital means of communication will significantly up your value for those who would prefer to talk online.

Stay in Touch!

The most important step in securing clients who will act as your ambassadors comes after you’ve formed a relationship. Follow-up is crucial in maintaining strong connections that will lead you to more customers.

Post-sale correspondence can come in many different forms. You don’t want to come across as overbearing when a family is settling into their dream home. However, a simple holiday wish, birthday message, or check-in about their new residence can go a long way. These small gestures are incredibly personal and easy. There’s truly no reason not to make your client’s day by sending a kind word — after all, you know where they live!

With proper relationship upkeep and communication, gaining a new recommendation could come as easily as someone spying the Christmas card hanging on their fridge.

Forming strong relationships will fill your job with friendly faces, and a lot of new clients. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to easily show you care while showing homes.

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