About Commission Express of Phoenix

Ted Carlson founded Commission Express of Phoenix in 2002 and has operated Commission Express of Phoenix for the past 17 years.

Mr. Carlson advances his own capital on every transaction. With Commission Express of Phoenix you're working with the decision maker instead of a call center operator in some remote location.

Tailored real estate commission advances for YOU

Our 30 Day Grace Period and Affordable Fee Structure provide REALTORS with a Commission Advance program tailored to the unique cash flow needs of the real estate professional.

Work with the number 1 real estate commission advance company

  1. Lowest Cost, Most Flexible. Commission Express is the most flexible and least expensive commission advance program available.
  2. You Support Your Small Local Business. Commission Express customers are small independent brokers and agents from all companies, not just the large national franchises.
  3. 30 Day Grace Period. Applies to all transactions during which time there are no additional fees or charges. Your closing can go 30 days late with no additional fees.
  4. We Support YOU. Commission Express of Phoenix is an affiliate member of your Real Estate Association. Instead of sharing your personal information with some unknown entity over the internet, you're working with an established, reputable, Locally Owned and Operated Business.
  5. No Minimum or Maximum Advance Limits. Advance on multiple transactions.
  6. No Application Fee. We do not charge an application fee, account set up fee or any funding fees - there are no hidden charges.
  7. No Credit Check. we underwrite your advance request primarily on the strengths of the particular transaction. We also consider your tenure and earnings history as a REALTOR.


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