The Business of Real Estate


Commission Express has been the preferred commission advance company for successful REALTORS® since 1992. Each Franchise is locally owned and operated. Personal service and a fast response coupled with reliability are the hallmarks of our business.

  • Why Should I Convert My Commissions to Cash?
  • You are in business as an Independent Contractor. Your earned but unpaid commissions are your “receivables.” And like other businesses, you need to convert your receivables to cash to operate and promote your business today.
  • Our customers include some of the nation’s leading agents and brokers who prefer our local reliable service, an easy application process and quick response. Our free 30 day Grace Period provides you with peace of mind should there be a delay in the projected settlement.
  • What Can I Use The Advance For?
  • Paying your office expenses, operating your business, promoting your business, attending seminars or paying estimated taxes on time. Simply stated, COMMISSION EXPRESS allows you to better manage your business cash flow.
  • How Does It Work?
  • After creating an account, you will be emailed a Username and Password that will enable you to log in and apply for a commission advance. Most of the documents we use are already in your file. We provide you with the others. You then submit the completed documents to us. Upon our review and approval, the advance will be provided to you. After settlement occurs, either the Settlement Agent or your Real Estate Company will pay COMMISSION EXPRESS redeeming the receivable.
  • Do You Run Credit Checks?
  • While we do not usually run credit checks, we do consider the experience and professionalism of the customer.
  • When Will I Receive the Funds?
  • Usually within 2 days after we receive the completed documents (often the same day).
  • What Does This Service Cost?
  • COMMISSION EXPRESS will discount the commission based upon the number of days to projected settlement. The fee (Discount) is generally 6% to 16% on 15 to 90 day settlements but may vary among the independently owned and operated franchises.


    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your fee (Discount) would be 10% or $500.
  • How Much is My Advance?
  • Your Advance will be your share of the commission less the fee (Discount) and a reserve (Holdback).


    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected Settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your 10% Discount would be $500.
    4. Your 10% Holdback would be $500.
    5. Your 80% Advance would be $4,000.
  • How Much Will I Receive In Total?
  • Assuming no Default condition occurs, you will receive your Advance immediately plus your Holdback when the receivable is redeemed.


    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected Settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your Advance would be $4,000.
    4. Your Holdback would be $500.
    5. Your Total received would be $4,500.
  • What If Settlement is Delayed?
  • COMMISSION EXPRESS provides a free 30 day Grace Period on all transactions. However, redemption must occur within the Grace Period or you will incur additional fees.
  • What If Settlement Does Not Occur?
  • Agent or Broker must assign the proceeds from another commission to COMMISSION EXPRESS.
  • What Do I Do Next?
  • Create an Account to start the process and enjoy the benefits of predictable cash flow.

  •  I can turn one commission into another if I use the commission advance to market other listings. 

    - C.F. Century 21 Associate

     I use factoring as an investment tool and then use the expense as a business write off. 

    - C.M.Coldwell Banker Oklahoma

     Commission Express provides a valuable service to the real estate community in a responsive, efficient and discrete manner. As a broker, I have seen the very happy difference a relationship with Commission Express can make for the agents in my office. You can compare it to the fax machine. How did we manage without it?? 

    - Jack Griffin Broker/Owner, Remax Preferred Properties

     I wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent service. It is clear that the owners of your business have a background in real estate. This makes matters simple as you know what you are doing and you understand how our industry works. Your staff is always pleasant and offers speedy service. I have enjoyed doing business with your company, as have some of my agents. 

    - Judy Cranford Broker/Owner Cranford & Associates

     I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. December of 2005 will mark my third year in real estate. I do not think I would be as far along as I am if you and your company had not been there for me. Knowing that you and Commission Express was there to fall back on as a new agent gave me peace of mind and allowed me to focus on new business. My urgency was always your urgency and that kind of attention is reassuring to your clients, it made a big difference to me, so thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! 

    - K. N., Kansas City RE/MAX Agent

     I found that Commission Express works and doesn't hurt me! Not always can or will I bail an agent out of financial problems. Commission Express helps the agent when the time is not right for me to help, and I thank you for your services. 

    - LuVerne L. Boes Broker/Owner Century 21