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We’ve worked with agents from nationwide to independent local firms and hundreds of escrow companies. We tailor our processes to your needs, so you get your cash with least effort.

COMMISSION EXPRESS was founded in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 1992 by two highly experienced real estate brokers. After managing offices and owning their own companies, they recognized agents and brokers needed a reliable solution to their cash flow problems.

After years of fine-tuning and development, we’ve created a simple and efficient system to get cash for your commissions fitting your broker and closing agent’s particular preferences and requirements.


How do I get my cash?

  • Click here to apply online, or
  • Click Quick Quote to have an application sent to you, or
  • Call Bob at 206-829-2440 and he’ll talk you through it.

What documents do I need to supply?

Complete your application document & then supply copies of the following: 

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement including all addendums
  • Earnest Money Receipt
  • Inspection waiver or satisfaction
  • Proof of Funds or Loan Pre-Approval

First-time clients supply these additional documents:

  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Voided Check

When will I get paid?

We usually process and fund applications the same day when documentation is complete.  New clients or complex transactions may take longer. Our goal is to fund every application in less than 48 hours. 

What if close of escrow is delayed?

You’re in good hands with Commission Express. We know even the best agents can’t control everything, and extensions are a common occurrence. That’s why every advance from Commission Express comes with a 30-day grace period. 

Who do I call for help?

Call Bob Hernon at 206-829-2440 any time during west coast business hours of 9 am to 5 pm. He answers the phone and appreciates all questions.


With Commission Express, create an account and apply for a commission advance in less than 30 minutes. Most applications processed the same day!

High Performance

Being the first commission advance company in the country has its benefits! Decades of industry experience are at your side when you choose Commission Express.

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