About Commission Express of New York

Dino Liso bought the Commission Express of New York franchise in 1999 and quickly made it successful by combining his uncompromising focus on unparalleled customer service with his expertise in real estate transactions. 

A key differentiator in this commission advance market is that Mr. Liso advances his own capital on every transaction. You are working direct with the decision maker and not relaying on a formula but a relationship. The same way that you do business.

Real Estate Commission Advance Exclusive for YOU

Every REALTOR® is different. Every need is different. We work with you to get you the commission advance that is right for you. Our Commission Advance program is tailored to the unique cash flow needs of your business & personal needs. 

Six Reasons to Work with the # 1 Real Estate Commission Advance Company

  • 30 Day Grace Period. We understand settlement dates change, and you have no control over it. To help in those situations, your closing can go 30 days late with no additional fees.
  • No Application Fee. No hidden charges period. No application fee, account set up fee or any funding fees. Zero.
  • No Minimum or Maximum Advance Limits.   
  • No Credit Check.  We underwrite your advance request primarily on the strengths of the particular transaction and the strength of your earnings history as a REALTOR®.
  • Lowest Cost, Most Flexible. Commission Express New York is the most flexible and least expensive commission advance program available.
  • We Support YOU. Commission Express of New York is an affiliate member of multiply Real Estate. You're working with an established, reputable, Locally Owned and Operated Business

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