About Commission Express Chesapeake

Rick Tancreto was formerly the Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Director for realtor.com and now owns and operates Commission Express Chesapeake (in Anne Arundel County) and Commission Express Baltimore (serving Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Cecil County, Kent County and Queen Anne's County). 

After 20 years as a commissioned sales rep I can empathize with agents working on 100% commission. Running a real estate business, even a one Agent shop, requires constant outlay for marketing, technology investment and promotional activities to keep their business alive and competitive. 

Sometimes the time between settlements is so great, REALTORS have to sacrifice those necessary functions because their next settlement is 45 days away. Market conditions, increasing competition and other external factors can delay an agent's settlement leaving the REALTOR without working capital to promote themselves and invest in the future. 

What REALTORS need is a bridge between settlements. 

That's where we come in and help REALTORS take charge of their cash flow instead of their cash flow taking charge of them. While a commission advance may seem uneventful on the surface, it is a competitive advantage for my clients that they leverage into more listings and more buyer clients. 

Having been part of the REALTOR community for four years at realtor.com and now for the foreseeable future with Commission Express Chesapeake and Commission Express Baltimore, I feel it's right to give back by being an active and contributing member in local boards (AACAR, GBBR, HCAR, MAR and NAR). Additionally, we make financial contributions to RPAC to further the mission of REALTORS. It not only shows we support the REALTOR cause but have invested our time and resources into our clients locally.

One of my favorite activities is to meet clients and other industry partners at the social, charitable and professional events put on by the local boards.  REALTORS are the most community oriented professionals I know and it is my pleasure to help them accomplish their goals.

COMMISSION EXPRESS CHESAPEAKE  and COMMISSION EXPRESS BALTIMORE take great pride in serving REALTORS from our Crofton, Maryland location and invite you to call, click or email us to find out how we can be a strategic partner in your business.

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