Frequently Asked Questions

Commission Express has been the preferred commission advance company for successful REALTORS® since 1992. Each Franchise is locally owned and operated. Personal service and a fast response coupled with reliability are the hallmarks of our business.

  • Why COMMISSION EXPRESS® of Phoenix?
    Most importantly we have the most affordable & flexible commission advance program in the market. Combine that with being locally owned & operated you just cannot beat the total experience you will get from us. If you prefer local reliable service, a fast & easy application process, quick response, our free 30 day grace period and the actual owner making the decision, why would you go anywhere else? Get Started Today.
  • Should I Convert My Commissions to Working Capital?
    Yes. Or, that is if you want to sell more homes. You are in business as an Independent Contractor. Your earned but unpaid commissions are your "receivables". And like other businesses, you need to convert your receivables to cash to operate and promote your business so you can maximize your growth. Get Started Today.
  • Am I Restricted on What I can Use the Commission Advance For?
    No. Use it for whatever you desire. Examples would be paying your office expenses, operating your business, promoting your business, attending seminars or paying estimated taxes on time. Simply stated, COMMISSION EXPRESS® allows you to better manage your business cash flow. Get Started Today.
  • How Does the Commission Advanced Process It Work?
    It is simple. Fill out the online application, we will then send you the necessary documents, instructions and a list of any additional information we may need. Upon our review and approval, the advance will be provided to you by wire or check. After settlement occurs, COMMISSION EXPRESS® will be paid out of escrow. Call us directly 480.421.0770 with any questions or concerns. Get Started Today.
  • What Do We Need To See
    The documents we will need to see are the MLS Pending, a current LSU, the contract plus all counters/addendums and the earnest money receipt. That is it. Pretty easy. Get Started Today.
  • Do I Need to Have Great Credit?
    No. We do not usually run credit checks; we do consider the experience and professionalism of the customer. Because this is a relationship and you deal with the owner Ted Carlson directly we have a lot of flexibility. Get Started Today.
  • How Long Does it Take to Receive My Advanced Commission?
    1-2 days from our receipt of the completed application & all requested documentation. We typically fund established customers' requests the same day. Get Started Today.
  • How Much Will It Cost?
    It will cost 10 to 18 percent of the assigned commission on 45, 75, or 105 days to close of escrow.
    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your fee (Discount) would be 10% or $500.
    4. Get Started Today.
  • Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges?
  • What If My Deal Closes Within 15 Days?
    Our fee will discounted to 5% of the assigned commission… that's a 50% discount on all deals repaid within 15 days. Get Started Today.
  • How Much Will My Commission Advance Be?
    We advance up to 80% of your commission. Advance rates are 80, 71 & 67 per cent for 45, 90 & 135 days to close of escrow.
    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected Settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your 10% Discount would be $500.
    4. Your 10% Holdback would be $500.
    5. Your 75% Advance would be $4,000.
    Get Started Today.
  • How Much Will I Receive In Total?
    You will receive your advance upon underwriting approval and assuming no default occurs, you will receive your Holdback when the receivable is redeemed.
    1. Your share of a commission is $5,000.
    2. Projected Settlement is 45 days.
    3. Your Advance would be $4,000.
    4. Your Holdback would be $500.
    5. Your Total received would be $4,500.
    6. Get Started Today.
  • What Is the Grace Period?
  • What If the Deal Cancels?
  • How DO I Get Started?