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Western Washington

Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents

Independently Owned and Operated

Better cash flow

Commission Express has done over $800 million in advances since 1992!

Fast, easy & secure

Simple application process, maximum 2 day turnaround (often the same day). Minimal data stored on website, keeping your information secure!

Local service

Local franchises nation-wide, Commission Express representatives are ready to help

Why wait until settlement to get paid!

COMMISSION EXPRESS® can convert your pending real estate commissions to CASH – usually within two days (often the same day).

Cash Flow is the key to success in any small business

Your pending commissions are unproductive receivables.  By converting your receivables to cash, you can operate and market your real estate business to levels you never thought possible.  A commission advance will allow you to continue to invest in your business while relieving your cash flow pressures.

Locally owned and operated

We serve brokers across Western Washington and around Northwest.  We work with you to make it easy to access your business capital - look at our FAQs to see how easy it can be.  Our real estate commission advance service is your key to unlocking the power of cash flow. Login or Create your Account today!

Key Features of Commission Express


  • Easy Online Application
  • No underwriting or application fees
  • Affordable commission advances - fees as low as $150
  • Our exclusive 30 day grace period
  • Advances made promptly


Commission Express of Western Washington
401 Broadway STE 300, Tacoma, Washington, 98402

About Us

With COMMISSION EXPRESS®, you don't have to wait until settlement for your commission. You can quickly turn your hard work into cash flow. It's a fast and easy transaction with business professionals who understand real estate from your point of view. A timely commission advance enables REALTORS® to Budget for Advertising and Promotion, Pay Business Expenses, Attend Professional Training and Seminars, Make Estimated Tax Payments, Project Monthly Income with More Certainty, Eliminate Burdensome Long-Term Debt, Maintain a High Business and Personal Credit Rating, Contribute to REALTOR® Political Action Committee, Enjoy the Peace of Mind that Comes with Reliable Cash Flow, Unlock the Power of Cash Flow

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